Tip for getting more dates: Stop smoking, start vaping!

Let’s be honest – if you smoke, you will automatically disqualify yourself as a potential date to many people. And yet, if you want to join the dating scene, it’s not smart to wait around until you finally manage to quit smoking. So what’s the solutions?

inferno ecig kitEnter e-cigarettes, or ecigs. These miracle devices allow you to inhale nicotine vapors which seems to be far less harmful than tobacco smoke, based on everything I’ve been able to find out online. Instead of getting tar and over 1000 different chemicals in tobaccos smoke, you just get nicotine, flavoring, and two chemicals called propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The two substances are often used in the food industry and considered safe in small dosages.

But the biggest benefit to you in terms of dating would be the fact that your teeth won’t be yellow, and your breath won’t stink of tobacco smoke. Kissing will not be an issue anymore, and you won’t need to worry about how your mouth smells. Since electronic cigarettes still contain nicotine, you can make the switch to ecigs and still get your nicotine fix. Therefore, many people find it easy to transition from regular cigarettes to ecigs.

Picking a ecig to buy can be a bit difficult, since there are so many companies and brands to choose from. For starters, I recommend sticking to the ecigs that resemble regular cigarettes. Called cigalikes, these devices usually only have two components (a battery and cartomizer) and are easy to use. They are also cheaper than the more complicated e-cigarettes, so your investment will be smaller as you’re just starting out. Some good companies to consider are V2 cigs, Vapor4life, and Volcano Ecig (you can get coupons for Volcano here). Each of these companies offer starter kits that include everything you need to begin vaping. You can also opt for disposable ecigs if your hesitant to buy a full-fledged starter kit.